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 Refuge from the Night

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Refuge from the Night Empty
PostSubject: Refuge from the Night   Refuge from the Night EmptyThu Mar 24, 2016 8:35 am

Please do not comment. each new chapter will be posted as a reply. This a story for Blackmist and Nightshade


Blackkit mewled, listening to the sounds of the nursery. She waved her tail over the moss, and heard her sister, Nightkit, meow impatiently “Blackkit, open your eyes already! You haven’t for five days now and I want to plaaaayyy!!” Nightkit pawed at Blackkit’s fur, and Blackkit pawed back in Nightkit’s direction. A loud rumbling growl made Nightkit stop, and Blackkit’s father said “Nightkit, quiet. You can play with the other kits while you wait. Just no going outside.” Blackkit heard Nightkit’s upset whining in response. Blackkit meowed confidently “Yeah, like papa said” Nightkit kept whining. Blackkit rolled over onto her back stretching, and yawned. All of a sudden, Nightkit buried her muzzle into Blackkit’s stomach, tickling her. Blackkit screeched with delight, laughing. Blackkit’s eyes open, and they were a brilliant baby blue. Nightkit was the first to notice, squealing. “Blackkit, we look the same! We both have blue eyes, see!!” Nightkit then stuck her head close to hers, and Blackkit smiled. Smokecloud, her father, turned his head and stared at Blackkit for a few seconds. “Beautiful, Blackkit. They look just like frost in winter, maybe you’ll be as dangerous as it when you become a warrior!” Smokecloud laid his head down on the nest, looking at his two daughters. Blackkit yowled with defiance “I will be dangerous, just like you!!” Blackkit pretended to swipe at Smokecloud’s nose, and Smokecloud pulled his head away. “Yes….
Just like me”
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Posts : 62
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PostSubject: Re: Refuge from the Night   Refuge from the Night EmptyThu Mar 24, 2016 9:51 am

Chapter One

Blackkit watched as Smokecloud left the nursery, satisfied with his care. Nightkit glared at Smokecloud, upset about his decision. He had been speaking about it for the last quarter moon, but they thought he wouldn’t actually do it. Smokecloud had said when they were two moons old he would leave the nursery and go back to his warrior duties, and they would be taken care of by the only other queen, Sagestem. She had one kit, Poppykit, and he was about to become an apprentice. Sagestem is expecting more kits, so she wouldn’t have to leave anyway. Blackkit, tottered back into the den, crestfallen. Their only parent had just left them, and although it wasn’t a big deal, Blackkit couldn’t stand it. She said the only curse she knew “He’s a load of badger droppings!! Badger droppings I tell you!!!” Nightkit agreed. “Now wait a second, we don’t use that language in here Blackkit!” She winced, and almost ran off as Nightkit had but Sagestem picked up Blackkit with one swift move. Blackkit struggled, but the queen was strong. Sagestem flung Blackkit gently over to the back of the den, and meowed reprovingly “Now, you are not to go outside until tomorrow, understand?” She nodded sadly. Sagestem, satisfied, sat down and started cleaning her fur. Nightkit peeked into the entrance and teased “Thistles and Thorns! You just got busted!!!” Poppykit peeked out from behind his mother and smirked. He mewed “Yessir, Blackkit won’t be able to see my apprentice ceremony!!” Blackkit squeaked, and started pleading with Sagestem “Please I have to see it I got to know what I should-“Sagestem let out a low snarl. “No, Blackkit. You have said evil to your own father, who so generously stayed here with you since your mother left. You should be ashamed, and you MUST stay here until I say so!” “But-““NO BUTS” Blackkit sighed, and Poppykit waved his stubby little tail with happiness. Nightkit had padded into the den and nibbled softly on Blackkit’s ear, then started licking it. “It’s fine, I’ll tell you what to do when the time comes Frosty!” Blackkit sighed. “Yet again, don’t call me frosty!” Nightkit smiled, and pounced on Blackkit’s tail. She yelped and twisted around, wrenching her tail out of Nightkit’s paws. Blackkit leaped onto Nightkit’s back, and the two she-kits wrestled. Then Blackkit let out a hiss of pain as Nightkit bit Blackkit’s shoulder, a few small beads of blood going down it. Nightkit stared at the wound, and so did Sagestem. Sagestem mewed “I’ll go get the medicine cat, stay here you two.” Sagestem dashed out of the den, knowing what would happen if Smokecloud found out that this had happened in his first day of absence. Poppykit poked the cut with one of his thorn-sharp claws, and Blackkit squealed again. Nightkit smacked him softly with her paw, then started licking the cut clean, since Blackkit couldn’t reach it.  Poppykit pressed himself to Nightkit, watching closely at what she did. Sagestem returned with the StormClan medicine cat, Otterstream. Otterstream padded quickly over to Blackkit, Sniffing the wound. She commended Nightkit “Good, lick the wound so it isn’t dirty. I’ll go get some marigold, just in case it gets infected.” Otterstream padded out of the nursery again, giving Sagestem a small glare, as if saying ‘If You tell Smokecloud….’ Nightkit shoved Poppykit away, leaving Poppykit look a bit sad.


Blackkit peeked out of the nursery, being careful not to be seen. She slowly stalked out of the den, trying to see the ceremony as Buzzardstar started “Poppykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time to be apprenticed.  From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Poppypaw” As the clan started cheering, someone pulled her through a crack in the stone barrier. Blackkit almost screeched when someone put their tail over her mouth. She turned fearfully to her kidnapper, but then playfully batted at that cats face. It was Nightkit. Nightkit put her tail away and mewed “ I knew you would get out! Now come with me, Smokecloud is already ahead of us!!” Blackkit tilted her head and asked. “Where are we-“ “SMOKECLOUD IS TAKING US TO SEE OUR MOM” Blackkit and Nightkit let out a synchronized squeal of pleasure. Nightkit then bounded ahead, Blackkit lagging behind. She tried to run at the same speed but the nagging pain in her shoulder kept her from trying. They climbed the rocks leading out of the camp, slowly going onto the grass hills. Smokecloud appeared then, noting how slow Blackkit was. He growled “Get on my back. “ Blackkit let out a small sigh of relief, he hadn’t noticed the cut yet. She climbed onto him and clung with her thorn sharp claws onto his back. Smokecloud immediately started running again, but at a speed where Nightkit could follow. Blackkit watched as the grass sped by under her, and wondered for a moment if Smokecloud was flying. She watched as they ran over the hills, past a barn, and across the border into no-cats-land, the Moor. Sure, loners lived there, but not that many. Blackkit slid off Smokecloud’s back and walked, her paws sore from clinging onto Smokecloud all that time. She noticed Nightkit panting and exhausted, barely keeping up. Blackkit mewed timidly to Smokecloud “ C-Can Nightkit ride on you n-now?” Smokecloud raised an eyebrow. “Shes strong, she will make it if we are walking. Nightkit is stronger than all the kits.” Nightkit’s eyes shone, and lifted her head a little higher at Smokecloud’s praise. Blackkit took no notice of the slight insult to her in his tone.


Blackkit stared at all the nests, spreading out to where the sun was. “Wow..” She mouthed. Smokecloud growled “We have to start being quicker. At this pace we will be back at camp by sunset.” Nightkit nodded and let Smokecloud lead the way. The father and daughters weaved through alleys and betweem houses,  Finally they reached the nest they were looking for. Smokecloud easily jumped the pink-painted fence, Nightkit reached the top but needed help to reach the top by a few mouse lengths, but Blackkit was a problem. She couldn’t make it halfway up so Smokecloud had to carry her across. Blackkit mewed “Thanks papa” Smokecloud made no reply. He padded slowly towards the door and meowed “Hey, I know there is a cat in there” A high pitched voice answered “I-Is that who I think it is?” Smokeclouds voice turned into a low purr “Yes, yes it is. “ “Okay, hide! Im getting my twoleg to open the door!” They ran into the largest plant that could hide all of them, a rose bush. Smokecloud made sure that none of the kits got hurt by the thorns. Soon, a door opened wide, and a young twoleg made beckoning noises as if begging the she-cat to come outside. Smokecloud then darted out of the bush and into the house while the twoleg wasn’t looking, and the kits ran there too. The brown shecat led them quickly up the stairs and into a room that seemed to be made just for her, covered in feathers and fake mice, beds, ledges, and treats.  The she-cat gently bumped the door shut with her hindquarters, and ignored the pouting of the young twoleg. Nightkit couldn’t hold the question in any longer and blurted “Are you my mother?” The pretty she-cat batted her eyes and mewed “Yes, my daughter. Its been so long since I last seen you, only the day you were born, my sweets.” Nightkit asked another question. “Whats your name??” Smokecloud answered that question this time “This, is my mate, my beautiful orchid, Mousse” Smokecloud stepped forward and nuzzled Mousse, and Mousse purred. Blackkit mewed with disgust “Ewwwwww” Nightkit laughed and for once, Smokecloud cracked a smile. The day flashed by quick after that, the kits playing and stuffing themselves with ‘premium’ catfood and catnip, Smokecloud talking about what has happened in the clan with Mousse, and Mousse occasionally telling stories. Blackkit asked “Why did you leave momma? You are so much fun!” All at once, Nightkit stopped batting the feathers, Smokecloud’s smile faded, and Mousse’s eyes narrowed. Her face betrayed her soft tone “Nothing dear, now, keep playing” Blackkit never talked for the rest of the time, though she still felt upset when they had to leave. It was a difficult way out, jumping out the window, and Blackkit had fallen on her bad shoulder. She yowled in pain, and Smokecloud had to carry her all the way back, a scowl never leaving his face.


Sagestem almost swatted Blackkit, claws unsheathed, hissing “I told you not to leave!!” Smokecloud quickly put out Sagestem’s hissy-fit by telling her that he had given her permission. No one in the clan asked where they had been, because Smokecloud was a well respected warrior, and he had returned with three squirrels in just the beginning of newleaf. He had proclaimed with fake pride that his kits had caught one each, and Nightkit acted as if she was the clan’s precious. Blackkit didn’t take the other warrior’s appreciation the same, but Blackkit made it seem believable. That night, Nightkit missed the sound of Poppypaw’s high pitched snoring, which before she thought was annoying.
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Refuge from the Night
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