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Let the kits play and the warriors protect their clan, here. May Starclan light your path!
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 Coleman the Rogue (maybe for rogue group)

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PostSubject: Coleman the Rogue (maybe for rogue group)   Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:02 pm

"It's a flying hedgehog! It's a Flying CAT! No, it's a bird. We don't live in a fantasy, mousebrain."

Name: Coleman, Cody, Cod
Age: 15 moons
Gender: Male
Rank: Rogue
Clan: None
Personality: Cody is highly sarcastic and has little or no imagination or creativity at all. Cody keeps his head in reality and can deal with extremely high stress levels with confidence. He's straightforward and takes charge of many situations, although he's at such a young age. Cody is often blamed for lying, and for good reason. He's willing to cut corners to get what's good for himself. He's greedy and selfish, always thinking he deserves better. Cody tries to court she-cats often, flirting with them to try to get a mate quickly before he gets too 'old' which in Cody's thinking of 'old' is 26 moons.
Appearance: Cody is a yellow and white colored cat, with silky fur and big blue eyes. Cody has a tail longer than his body length. Cody has black paw pads, tough so he could walk on even broken glass. Cody is a bit chubby, even though he doesn't eat much.
Family: -> Mother: Calandra Loner, unknown disappearance
-> Father: Arch
-> Brother: *OPEN*
Skills: Weaknesses: Stamina, Fighting, Climbing, Memory Strengths: Running (short distance), Logic, and Memory
Other: Maybe he could be in Leopardstar's rogue group, if not, regular rogue.
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PostSubject: Re: Coleman the Rogue (maybe for rogue group)   Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:10 pm


He can be in my group. The leader is Tiger.
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Coleman the Rogue (maybe for rogue group)
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