Swift Paws and Flashing Thunder

Let the kits play and the warriors protect their clan, here. May Starclan light your path!
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Leader: Splashstar
Deputy: Nightshade
Medicine Cat: Otterwhisker
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News: Bad storms have wreaked havoc among the clan, causing prey to run away and the clans resort to hunting outside their territory and in other clan's territory.
Leader: Swiftstar
Medicine Cat:Rosetail
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Leader: Emberstar
Deputy: Sunstep
Medicine Cat: Redfeather
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Volepaw

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 Splashstar of StormClan

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PostSubject: Splashstar of StormClan   Splashstar of StormClan EmptyMon Jan 04, 2016 6:27 pm

Splashstar of StormClan VmPS2VN
╭                                                                                                                        ╮
Name ➣ Splashkit~ Splashpaw~ Splashtooth~ Splashstar
Age ➣ 44 moons
Gender ➣ She-Cat/Queen/Female
Rank ➣ Leader
Desired Rank ➣ None, being the leader was all she ever wanted
Mate ➣ None
Crush ➣ None
Parents ➣ Mothers: Acornfang and Hareheart
Siblings ➣ Brother: Minnowsplash
Other ➣ Meow~
Appearance ➣ A brown tabby she-cat with amber-green eyes.
Eye Color ➣ green-amber eyes
Song ➣ To Be Determined Later, most likely some type of rock or R&B song
╰                                                                                                                        ╯

Splashstar is very insensitive and cares for no one's feelings. At first glance she looks cute and kind, but she's not. Being a  younger leader, she is kind of a show-off to the other leaders and taunts them for being elders-age at Gatherings. Surprisingly, she thinks that it is best to settle a fight orally, not physically, though. She enjoys hunting and is always itching to tear after some prey. She doesn't believe in StarClan, so you could call her religiousness. She's had lots of apprentices throughout her life, and now as she sees them with their own apprentices, they are tough and hard-working to others. She feels guilty for letting a chain of events lead on for the apprentice after apprentice, battling to stay up with a mentor's duties, but honestly she is proud that her Clan will grow to be strong. She is unapologetic and if someone does something wrong, she shakes her head and instantly gives them a harsh punishment. Her motto is, "You only get once chance." in a mourning but monotone voice. She's dealt with lots of she-cats and toms sneaking off to meet with a mate from another Clan, or even a loner or rogue or kittypet, but like a strict mother, she always finds out. She once exiled a she-cat because she was mating with a rogue, who was a previously exiled cat from StormClan, and believed to be killed after a sighting in the territory. Splashstar truly thinks that the she-cat has run off to be with him now, and realized her mistake as she was torn into flesh by his actions. She is very adaptable to anything, really. Any change in leaders duties that she might receive, she gets right to it and feels as if it was always like that. She pities the lousy slobs that decide to leave the Clan if she ever makes a "wrong" decision, even though she believes that she is never wrong. This young leader is strong, opinionated, and quite the work-out. She's one of those that always gets into your fur and then you can never seem to get her out.
▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰ ▰
When I get to it I'll type the history in, it really engulfs into her past and is very deep, so when I have time it'll be done. Is that okay?
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PostSubject: Re: Splashstar of StormClan   Splashstar of StormClan EmptySun Jan 10, 2016 8:01 pm

Splashstar of StormClan Th?id=OIP.M82aa0423c568371a3cc05e87eb6a4e09o0&pid=15
Histories are optional. Smile
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Splashstar of StormClan
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