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 Creating a Character

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Creating a Character Empty
PostSubject: Creating a Character   Creating a Character EmptySun Jan 03, 2016 2:21 pm

Credit for this is to Warriorclan.forumotion.com
~~Auditions MUST have:~~
Name: present and future (if any) **
Age/gender: (written in moons not months/years)
Rank: kit, apprentice, warrior, ect.
Appearance: fur color, eye color, ect. (picture can go here)
Personality: happy, shy, kind, hates other cats, etc.
Skills: (i.e. strengths and weaknesses) - typically fighting, hunting, climbing, running, swimming, strength, stamina and memory skills.
History: (if not a kit, and is optional)
~Example 1~
Flamepaw ~ Flameclaw         9 moons       Stormclan      apprentice
Large furry ginger tom with golden eyes and sharp claws with many scars and such from battles. He is very handsome and is also funny, silly, and makes a lot of jokes. He is also very loud and boisterous, being one of the best fighters in the Clan and not afraid to show it to any intruder that dares to cross his path. He likes to pick fights with anyone that he comes across and is rather flirty when he chooses to be. Flamepaw also likes to pretend he's the best and sometimes gets himself into trouble because of it. He is probably the worst hunter in the entire clan, but he is quite a good fighter because of his big size and sharp claws. He is related to Musicstar; her being his older cousin, but he treats her like she is his little sister. His mother died of a unknown sickness, while his father lived on and is now an elder of the clan. His little sister disappeared in the forest one day. Some say that she is know a mysterious rogue, living in a cave at the edge of the clan's territory.

~Example 2~
Name: Dawnheart
Age/gender: she-cat, 23 moons
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Stormclan
Appearance: A lean she-cat with soft gray fur and dark blue eyes. Her paws are bigger than usual and her whiskers are longer than most cats'.
Personality: She is a very kind and caring cat with a soft spot for kits. She doesn't complain much and often steps forward to help. Though she might seem all nice and soft, she trains her apprentices rather hard and doesn't care much for cats outside the Clan. She tries to stay positive and happy, but she can get rather emotional and upset quickly.
Skills: Fighting~5, Hunting~9, Swimming~3, Climbing~4, Strength~5, Stamina~8, Memory~7, Speed/Agility~ 7
Family/History: Her mom, Mistywing, died giving birth to her and her brother, Nightstorm. Her dad had died in battle when they where kits, saving them from an enemy warrior who was trying to get into the nursery. Her, and her brother Nightstorm, where left with their adoptive mother, Goldenwing, and her only kit Sandkit, who is now Sandpelt.

** - Warrior names are written Dawnheart not DawnHeart or Dawn Heart!
Clean Copy:

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Creating a Character
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