Swift Paws and Flashing Thunder

Let the kits play and the warriors protect their clan, here. May Starclan light your path!
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Medicine Cat: Otterwhisker
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News: Bad storms have wreaked havoc among the clan, causing prey to run away and the clans resort to hunting outside their territory and in other clan's territory.
Leader: Swiftstar
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 Emberstar of Fireclan

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PostSubject: Emberstar of Fireclan   Emberstar of Fireclan EmptySun Jan 03, 2016 3:56 pm

Name: Emberstar
Clan: Fireclan
Age: 38 moons
Gender: Tom
Personality: Emberstar is a strong willed, fiesty tom. He will keep trying to get what he wants and what his clan needs. Emberstar will raid another territory if his clan really needed it, but tries to stay within his clan limits. He will protect any cat, even a traitor, with his life. He loves to lead his clan, as it gives him a good feeling.
Mother: Sparkdawn(deceased)
Father: Hareleap(deceased)
Sister - Flutterdoe(deceased)
History: (Optional)
Running - 5
Memory - 8
Strength - 4
Logic - 6
Stamina - 3
Sight - 5
Tracking - 4
Appearance: Emberstar is a dark grey tom with white flecks on his flank. His eyes are a bright amber. His tail has darker gray spots along it.
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Emberstar of Fireclan
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